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Termite Treatment Methods

Posted on September 15, 2014 · Posted in Termite Control

Termite Treatment Methods and Facts about fumigation

My personal opinions and known facts

Dreading spending thousands on fumigation for Termites that WILL COMEBACK ?
Can’t practically leave your home for 3 days?
Concerned about lingering Odors and Chloropicrin?

There are options out there for termite control that do not require tent fumigation. Fumigators will tell you that tent fumigation is the only method recognized by the state for control colony eradication but that is only half of the story! Below are some of my personal opinions and facts.

How fumigation hurts the environment

Tent fumigation is environmentally unfriendly as sulfuryl Fluoride is a cause of greenhouse gas that causes global warming through infrared radiation trapping. They won’t tell you that, nor will they tell you that fumigation has a failure rate that when factored in , fumigation is as reliable as any other termite treatment method.

Fumigation Disclosures and Waivers

They will down play the damage to your roof that people walking on it will do, they will minimize the weight of the tarps and the pressure it puts on your roofing /gutters / Gates / chimneys etc. Even while minimizing this the entire time they will insist you sign a waiver saying if any of these bad things happen they are not liable. Isn’t that weird to you? Don’t worry nothing will happen but here, in case it does sign this saying I’m not responsible? Would you accept that from a doctor?

What’s your preferred method then?

Simply Put? KILguard
-No moving out of your home for treatment
-No gases , odors or lingering smells
-No heavy tents tarps or people walking on your roof
-Kills all types of termites not just Drywoods


Aaron Cunningham