Termite Providers

Termite Providers And Control Companies

Posted on August 2, 2014 · Posted in Termite Control

Termite Providers Of Control Methods

Termite Providers and Termite Control Companies have been in battle for years. It is not every day that you have a natural occurring pest like termites that cause as much monetary damage as they do.

Think about it. Can crickets cause THOUSANDS of dollars in damage? I don’t think so and I sure hope not!

There are many termite control providers in Southern California and all have a different way of doing things. What scares me is that most are under 3-5 years old and have no credibility although they are state qualified.

Choosing the Right Termite Providers

Thinking just about how much money is spent on termite control and pest control services annually makes me cringe. Its either the companies are not doing a good enough job or the problem is severe.

After being in the industry for this many years as a termite provider I can honestly say it comes and waves and that’s what makes it severe. In my experience these bugs get used to chemical materials and it takes stronger and stronger materials to kill them.

Chemical Resistances hurt Termite Providers

As the chemical manufactures try and stay ahead of the resistances of the pest they cannot. It is a constant cat and mouse game that is played. As the insects become resistant to the materials the chemical companies scramble to create a new chemical for termite providers.

As this cycle is never ending , It is every few years the bugs get bad, chemical companies update then the process starts over . Endless war after endless war.