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Pests, Insects Snakes Oh My!

Posted on November 19, 2014 · Posted in Exterminator, Pest Control
Basement Invaders of the Worst Kind
We live close to woods so it is not a surprise that we get insects and pests from time to time, but this basement has been a hassle to keep up with because it turns out just about everyone wants to call it home. When you think of LA you don’t really think of bugs and wooded areas, but in some areas of the city you can live right next to the city highways and still have groves of trees to hide under. Apparently we aren’t the only ones hiding under the groves because there are a lot of pests hiding too.

One day I was in the basement with my ninth month old trying to get a workout in when I got my first of many surprise visitors. I had her in the walker and was on my exercise bike enjoying the workout when I thought I saw something stringy by the drainage pole. At first I did not think much of it and wondered how a shoelace got over there. Then something clicked in my brain and I thought I had better take a look. I jumped off and took a closer look only to realize it wasn’t a shoe string at all, but instead a snake!
Rodent Control Los Angeles

I grabbed my daughter, ran upstairs, threw a towel under the door so there could be no invaders, and quickly called Pest Control Orange County. The idea of snakes living in my basement and crawling up into the living area was almost too much to handle, but they came out right away and took care of that snake and took measures to make sure he had not brought any friends along with him. I felt much better when they were done with the area.

This was my first of many encounters with uninvited visitors in my home. The second one came a few months later when I was once again downstairs attempting to exercise. I was staring off into space above the washer and dryer while I exercised when I thought I saw a huge mess on the wall. I started to think about how I really needed to wash down the entire basement when I realized that it was moving. Begrudgingly I got off the bike to take a closer look and realized it was a centipede type thing the size of my hand.

It took me about five seconds to get upstairs and dial the phone number for Rodent Control Orange County this time. Apparently we had been invaded once again and it was time to call in someone to help. They treated my basement and my home and I treated my daughter and I to a day out on the town while this was taking place. We spent a great night at a hotel and enjoyed getting spoiled a bit and when we came home we knew our home was pest free once again. There is no way I would be comfortable living there if I couldn’t rely on Pest Control Orange County to help me out from time to time.
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