Pest Control Orange County

Pest Control Orange County

Posted on September 25, 2014 · Posted in Pest Control

Do Something about those roaches

After a full day of slinging boxes and furniture, I finally had the last box in my new house just before 9pm. I hate moving and was glad to have everything in the new house I had just signed a year lease on. The place was a nice two bedroom one story house, all the paint was fresh, with new flooring and central air. I felt so lucky to find this place priced way less than the other homes for rent in this area.

Now all that was left was to unpack, and I had already planned on doing the unpacking tomorrow. I was famished from all the hard work, so I entered the kitchen to prepare some food. With most of the dishes and kitchen stuff packed, I opted for two steak and cheese hot pockets. So I sat down at the kitchen table to eat. Looking around I began to formulate ideas for placement of my items and décor.

What happened here?

I woke wondering why my face was wet and the phone was ringing. My face was wet from drooling and I found the phone was not ringing at all. What I thought had been my phone vibrating was actually several uninvited guests. I looked down to see a troop of cockroaches attacking part of the hot pocket I had fallen asleep eating.

Roaches Everywhere I could See

I couldn’t believe it, so much for my luck. There had to be at least fifty of them. I had never been anywhere close to a cockroach and didn’t know anything about them. I scooped up my phone, keys, a couple of suitcases and left for a hotel.

After a restful sleep at the local Super 8 motel, I called the landlord at 9:01 am, getting the machine I left a frantic message advising of the situation. Two hours passed and no one had returned my call. Having just moved, I was somewhat low on cash and had no other option but to check out at 11 a.m. So I checked out and headed back to the house.

During the light of day it was the same nice house, I had thought I was initially renting. The landlord called me back about 3 pm advising me that he would not do anything to rectify the situation. He also accused me of bringing the cockroaches to the house from my previous home.

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Kilter Termite and Pest Control

So off I went to the grocery store to buy a couple insect bombs for the house. That night after returning home and the lights went out, I heard that same noise, only conscious this time it sounded more like curtains flapping. Upon cutting on the kitchen light, I found my visitors had returned. I called the landlord again, explaining I had purchased the bombs with my own money and they did not resolve the problem. He once again told me it was my problem, not his.

So I spent the next several hours standing in the dark kitchen armed with a flashlight, gloves and a jar. I’m still not sure how many I collected total, I lost count after 75. I had poked some holes in the lid of the jar to keep them alive. Placing the jar in my truck, I began the drive across town.

Pest Control Orange County

I loosened the top on the jar and rang the doorbell, my landlord answered promptly, saying “ I told you” then I took the jar and heaved it top off onto his living room floor, saying “ No, I told you, do something.” It’s funny how fast something got done, I never saw a single cockroach again.

Aaron Cunningham