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Posted on September 26, 2014 · Posted in Pest Control

The Mole in My Garden- Pest Control Orange County Get It Out

Pests come in all sizes and species and every gardener has his or her share of unwelcomed friends. For an avid gardener, the pest might be bugs, rabbit’s, worms or the local pouch that thinks your patch is the best place to hide a bone, depending upon the location. Nevertheless, one particular little pest will drive you up the wall and that is a mole. These creatures do not eat the plants but watching them destroy the root surface of your favorite tomato bush is not a laughing matter. It is a travesty! Exclamation points are frowned upon in writing but forgive me.

The mole in my garden is really hard to catch. It is there before I get there, gone without a trace; except for its holes in the garden and rows under the lawn. Admittedly, it is difficult to go out to work, go out for dinner, run a household and keep up with the mole in the garden. This is unacceptable. It is better to call Pest Control Orange County.

But this mole was different

Moles burrow underground and it is a bit frightening when you watch the ground move right below your feet when sitting near the garden. The best thing to do is call Pest Control Orange County. Getting reliable help getting rid of these pests is not easy. The lawn turns into something difficult to recognize with the line of underground trails: not funny. If the problem is not stopped, it will just go on and on. Some feel the mole is good for ridding a lawn of worms and bugs but it is a little daunting watching my garden unleveled. For those who love moles, have a great time, but no thanks.

Moles are not plant eaters but enjoy bugs and worms. Nevertheless, they make a disaster of the garden. A pest control service is the best way to kindly, get rid of a mole problem. In the garden for some, the mole is an unwanted intruder. The idea of chasing a pest that looks very much like a rat is not appealing. Of course, gardening requires a bit of bravery, but if you can hire a good pest control service, why press the point.

Swimming in Moles

Holes show up in the garden and it gets a little scary to garden. However, watching them burrow just under the soil is a little weird. Neighbors have offered the shovel method and the trap idea but I want to get rid of them not destroy them. Unfortunately, I have discovered there are bunches of these little creatures lose in the garden. My best option, considering I do not want to sit outside and wait for them, is to call Pest Control Orange County. Gardening is a passion and some prefer to do it without the help or harm of a mole.

Stop trying to get up at the break of day to catch a creature that can hear everything. Like many people, at five in the morning most people are pretty noisy. Not to mention how strange it might look while walking around the yard with shovels, in pajamas and bedroom slippers. I will not mention any other attire. The neighbors have accepted the gardening but stalking a mole is pushing the idea that you are normal. Although many do chase a mole down, but some neighbor might film you and put it on YouTube, not very flattering. You might really look a bit strange.

Mole Smiling

Kilter Termite and Pest Control

It would be nice to rant on about the rabbit in the garden that thinks he is quite savvy, but that is another pest in the garden story. Pest Control Orange County will rid any yard or garden of mole; and his entire family and tomato plants will adore them. Removing moles from my garden means, I can finally watch my garden without jumping out of my chair.